Analytic and Decision Services

Analytic and Decision Services

At TransUnion Analytic and Decision Services, we help companies manage risk more effectively, increase revenue and profits, streamline business processes, and identify and manage fraud more efficiently. By developing and implementing innovative analytic and decisioning solutions based on data intelligence—including payment data shared by businesses—we help businesses use automated models to make fast, objective, consistent decisions throughout the customer credit lifecycle.

You can retain and grow good customers, and enter new markets more confidently with tools enabling you to determine the risk. For example, several scoring models enable you to ascertain the profitability of each debtor or policy holder at acquisition and the management phase. Using our Debtor Management software, you can manage debtors more proactively.

Make better decisions throughout the entire customer credit lifecycle using customised analytics, including:

  • Consulting—Our consultancy service team collaborates with the predictive modelling and analysis teams to provide customised solutions to your requirements.

  • Analysis and Predictive Modeling—Enhance business profitability, realise strategies and improve operational efficiency. Manage your risk exposure and increase your profitability. Our analytical specialists will help you gain greater insights into your portfolios and customer behaviour. Combining the most accurate data and powerful analytical techniques, we are able to design customised models to help you develop the most effective business strategies. Our predictive modeling team develops models and scorecards in consultation with our consulting and analysis team. Models are customised for the client environment and customer needs.

  • Decision Services—Our generic and customisable automated decisioning engines can help you streamline your processes and make decisions with greater accuracy, consistency and predictiveness throughout the customer lifecycle. Make more consistent and more objective business decisions—automatically
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