Auto Information Solutions

Auto Information Solutions

Make confident decisions with up-to-date vehicle information. TransUnion Auto Information Solutions is the only provider of current market values of used vehicles in Southern Africa—essential information when buying and selling vehicles. We maintain more than 13 million vehicle profiles to access and verify a vehicle’s details and existence, and deliver solutions built on current, accurate and reliable vehicle data; advanced technology; and our proven expertise in managing e-business applications and processes.

Take advantage of our services in these ways:

Make better decisions when trading, financing, or insuring used vehicles

Take advantage of reliable, accurate vehicle valuations and count on effective and competitive pricing when trading vehicles. You can make better buying decisions with access to true market values.

Our Auto Dealers’ Guides provide the wider Southern African motor industry with used vehicle trade and retail values. This data is analysed and interpreted by an experienced team of independent, specialist editors to ensure that the values are accurate in a constantly fluctuating market.

Act with confidence when buying, selling or financing a vehicle

Use our Vehicle Enquiry report to confirm critical information about vehicles, and make faster, more confident decisions. You can:

  • Confirm specific motor vehicle identification and verification details.
  • Be confident that the vehicle is not stolen.
  • Be assured that you’re financing the correct vehicle make and model.
  • Determine if the asset is still subject to a previous finance agreement.
  • Verify that a vehicle can be tendered for sale in cases of settlement, repossession or substitutions.
  • Be sure you’re registering your finance house’s title on the correct vehicle make and model being financed.
  • Ensure that your dealership passes clean deals to financiers to protect your margins and reputation.
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