Marketing Services

Marketing Services

With the right information you can increase the value of your existing customers and understand your most profitable markets. At TransUnion, we combine credit information and advanced analytics to help you identify and make the most of your most profitable opportunities. Our marketing models and analytic tools—along with high-quality data, risk and performance behaviour—can help you improve targeting, campaign execution, and measurement throughout the customer credit lifecycle.

Better understand your market and industry, refine your segmentation and target the right business customers and markets. We can help you acquire more high-value business customers and strengthen your relationships with current customers.

TransUnion gives you access to powerful credit bureau data in a number of solutions, including:

Marketing Data—Rising marketing costs, declining response rates and declining product loyalty are challenges across the customer lifecycle. By making use of TransUnion data, you can get a deeper understanding of your market and industry, refine your segmentation and attract more of your target customers.

Marketing Models—Improve execution with models based on powerful analytics. Take advantage of a full range of models for insights into the potential value, risk and creditworthiness of a prospect or customer. You can predict the likelihood of response, as well as develop better strategies to attract higher response rates.

Intelligent Marketing Process—Refine your marketing campaign execution by focusing on the best prospects for your campaign. You can use our Intelligent Marketing Process to focus on the most appropriate prospects for your campaign.

Marketing Analytics—Get better insight into your customers, market and industry, and improve your overall marketing execution and strategy. Analyse the results of your marketing campaign and make database-driven recommendations for improving future campaigns. Custom modelling enables you to better forecast response, activation, attrition, profitability or other metrics.

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