International Business Information

To make international business decisions with confidence, you need quality information on your partners, customers and suppliers. TransUnion is a member of the D&B Worldwide Network, the largest business information database in the world. Get access to the extensive portfolio of risk solutions and resources of D&B, making it easier for you to do business locally and around the world. Count on:

  • Over 141 million business records
  • Exceptional international expertise
  • 18 strategic partners representing more than 190 countries
  • Global leadership in business solutions
  • Unrivalled experience from the world’s first-ever credit bureau
  • The proprietary DUNSRight™ data quality process

Learn about companies worldwide with Business Information Reports

Tap the value of high-quality global information by ordering a Dun and Bradstreet International Business Report. Obtain the D&B D-U-N-S® Number for a business. This is a unique nine-digit sequence recognised as the universal standard for identifying and keeping track of over 100 million businesses worldwide.

Get in-depth information with D&B Country Reports

Make better decisions before investing or expanding overseas. We can provide reports on a country’s Political Risk Commercial Risk, Macroeconomic Risk and External Risk. Get in-depth analysis on a country in the form of an annual International Risk and Payment Review, which includes information on over 132 countries and monthly updates or an in-depth report on a specific country.

Enjoy the many benefits of the Global Reference Solution

You can access the information and insight of the entire D&B business universe with this subscription-based web application. Enjoy access to information on more than 141 million businesses, including:

  • Details about a particular business
  • Lists election for marketing campaigns
  • View of family-trees
  • Multiple-level search

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