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Vehicle Valuations

Get current retail and trade valuations based on sales information from various sources nationwide with TransUnion Vehicle Valuations.

Our Auto Dealers’ Guide, based on more than four decades of researching vehicle valuations, is the industry standard. Over 40 000 vehicle returns are received monthly from manufacturers, dealer groups, and franchised and non-franchised dealers across South Africa. This data is analysed and interpreted by an experienced team of independent, specialist editors to ensure that the values are accurate in a constantly fluctuating market.

Make better decisions when trading, financing, or insuring used vehicles

Take advantage of reliable, accurate vehicle valuations and count on:

  • Effective and competitive pricing when trading vehicles
  • Better buying decisions with access to true market values
  • Accurate sums insured when insuring a vehicle
    – Insure the right risk at the right value
    – Determine accurate premiums and accurate claims payouts
    – Protect your customers from underinsurance
    – Adjust the sums insured correctly with industry-accepted values for extras
    – Determine the correct settlement value at time of claim
  • The right equity determined when financing a vehicle

Our Auto Dealers’ Guide is available in different formats: the printed Auto Dealers’ Guide; on the internet as a web-based application; on your mobile or smart phone; or as a data flat file for integrating vehicle valuations in your business processes and systems.
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