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Meet the Real Me with CreditVision™

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IImage of CreditVisionThe Real Me Lindiwe

Meet the real me…

“Hi, my name is Lindiwe and I recently started as a junior marketer in one of the country’s top digital agencies. I was lucky enough to get a bursary for my tuition, so a few months ago I decided to open a retail credit account to help prove I have a good credit history. I’ve always payed my balance in full and on time.

But when I applied for a loan to buy new design hardware and software, the credit provider required a deposit and gave me a high interest rate based on my limited credit profile”


If Lindiwe’s bank used CreditVision, they would have been able to see the real Lindiwe based on alternative and trended data and align the deposit amount they required.


Image of CreditVisionThe Real Me Jaco

Meet the real me…

“My name is Jaco. I’m a high-school history teacher, and I’ve been working really hard to pay off my student loan! I’m proud to say I have never missed a repayment. In fact, I follow my parents’ advice and pay more than the minimum amount each month. This way, I can pay off my loan quickly and free up cash for things I need, like a car.

wanted to get a low-risk consolidation loan to pay off the last bit of debt, but my bank declined myrequest last week.”


If Jaco’s bank used CreditVision, they would realise he is more than a static credit score. They would see he has some excess financial capacity and would be the ideal customer to say ‘yes’ to for the loan.


Image of CreditVisionThe Real Me Michael

Meet the real me…

“Hi, Michael here. I’m an attorney at a small law firm. For the last three years, my wife and I have done two bucket-list trips overseas every year. To get travel insurance and access to airport lounges, I buy our plane tickets on my credit card. I always pay my balance in full.”


If Michael’s bank used CreditVision, they would see beyond his credit score. They would make sure they offer Michael a package that gives him the ability to earn more loyalty rewards because they understand what drives his credit behaviour. This will also make sure Michael will be a loyal customer for life.


Image of CreditVisionThe Real Me Jenna

Meet the real me…

“I’m Jenna. A while back, I left my job in the banking sector to pursue a career in catering. I’ve been using credit since my 20s. While I was at the bank, I could pay my credit cards in full and even make extra payments on my home loan. But I’m starting to feel the pinch in my wallet now!

My catering business hasn’t taken off yet, but I’m confident the bank will up my credit limit, as I already have my car finance and home loan with them.”


If Jenna’s bank used CreditVision, they would realise she is now paying only the minimum amount due on all her credit cards and home loans, and her balances are building. She is no longer a low-risk consumer and should not be taking on more debt than she can carry.


Image of CreditVisionThe Real Me Christine

Meet the real me…

“I’m Christine and I love going to live shows! But the tickets are expensive, so I used to rely on my credit card to get me through some months. I’ve been working hard to change my financial situation. I’m making monthly payments, above the minimum amount, to clear my debt. I even have a savings cushion for the first time ever.

I applied for a small loan from my bank, but it seems I was scored on my current credit use and they declined my request.”


If Christine’s bank used CreditVision, they would look at her credit behaviour over time and see, although her credit score is low, the trended data shows that she has improved her credit behaviour significantly within the last six months.


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