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Auto Digital Onboarding: A Guide to Unlocking Growth

How to improve the onboarding flow, compete and win in the new digital economy.

Changing consumer behaviour, economic dynamics and evolving fraud threats are disrupting customer acquisitions. In response, businesses in the auto industry must optimise their onboarding experience by providing a friction-right process that enables safe, seamless identity verification during the application stage.

Our new guide explores the elements required to maximise the potential of data solutions and internal resources — ultimately helping unlock growth for more drivers seeking increased access to personal mobility.

Highlights include how:

  • You can produce a friction-right design while balancing customer experience and fraud requirements 
  • Configurable fraud and identity verification solutions allow you to begin and support conversion efforts and hybrid models for improved fraud capture rates
  • Early collaboration of teams can enrich the onboarding process and drive tangible, cross-business benefits
  • Biometric solutions can be an effective component of your customer journey

Create an onboarding experience fit for drivers looking for alternative, innovative solutions to ownership and usage in the new digital economy.

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