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Car Price

Use the power of live data to drive competitive car pricing decisions.


Car Price Benefits

Use live data for real market insights/ Stay ahead of market changes

Every day, we automatically collect millions of price points to provide the data you need for true, market-related car prices.

Boost car pricing accuracy

Underlying live data supports your market price indicator to minimise errors and inaccuracies, and allow you to price cars quickly and efficiently.

Enable your digital dealership capability/ Make digital dealerships a reality

We scan price levels on multiple car platforms and give you an easy-to-use, visual tool that puts your dealership online and helps it remain competitive.

Dealer Pricing Features

Gain in-depth insight into the used car market with pricing tools that are fast, fair and accurate.

Deal pricing tool in action:

Car Price Features

image showing Car Price pricing tool


Use visual tools and market indicators to quickly assess the current market. View and evaluate market price indicators to match your own requirements.

image showing Car Price Recent Trades


Recent trades and current market data give you a real-time snapshot of vehicle prices. Within this landscape, relevant and valuable data will only enhance your pricing accuracy.

image showing Car Price portfolio Benchmark


Test your portfolio against the current market and market price indicator to quickly pinpoint shifts and inconsistencies in your stock.

image showing Car Price data and information


Enhance pricing accuracy through ongoing analysis of market trends and automated data insights in an easy-to-use, visual format.

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