The more you know about your credit the less you have to fear!

Transunion’s Credit Report, Alerts and Score allows you to keep a close eye on your credit health.

Transunion’s Credit Report Plus Alerts & Score allows you to keep a close eye on your credit health. Credit Report Plus Alerts & Score gives you frequent access to your credit history, so you can check your credit report as often as you like. It alerts you whenever there are changes to any of your accounts, such as new accounts being opened in your name. This helps you stay on track with maintaining a healthy credit score.


Credit Report

A TransUnion Credit Report gives you important information contributed by your credit providers. Businesses use this information in accordance with our National Credit Act. This enables them to make informed, reliable and objective decisions to grant credit to you or not.

Credit Score
Your Credit Bureau score is designed to show you, by way of a number, the strengths and weaknesses of the information in your credit report. It serves as a personal benchmark that can help you improve your credit behavior.

Find out about critical change in your credit report which enables you to detect unauthorized change that may indicate fraud. You will receive an alert by e-mail and /or SMS when one of the following occurs:

•    An application enquiry is performed
•    An account is opened

Product Highlights:
  • See when critical changes are made to your credit report for one year

  • Protect and guard your identity with credit alerts. Identity theft happens when someone steals your personal information.

  • Get SMS/ Email Alerts when anything critical changes on your credit report.

  • Displays any adverse or court action taken against you.

  • Check your credit score and get an accurate idea of how your credit and debt looks to lenders.