Access the most predictive Empirica score to date to effectively manage credit risk and increase your profitability

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Manage your credit risk more effectively and increase your profitability

By balancing both positive and negative information on credit reports, Empirica helps predict the likelihood that debtors will become delinquent and offers an objective risk assessment throughout all phases of the credit lifecycle. Empirica offers separate models for account origination or account management, designed to specifically predict risk for both new and existing customers.

With enhanced predictive capabilities within the Empirica Score, you can more effectively manage your existing customers’ credit limits and collection obligations, while improving your ability to identify cross-sell and upsell opportunities and refine risk-based pricing strategies across your portfolios. Additionally, you can confidently grow your customer base and target new markets, including prospective new customers who have no previous measurable credit experience.

Empirica is easily integrated into your credit decisioning environments and allows you to streamline operational processes and optimise efficiencies.

Confidently grow your customer base and target new markets

Empirica account origination

Empirica provides you with an objective risk assessment during the account origination process, helping you increase new account bookings at the same or better risk, refine risk-based pricing opportunities and better assess consumers with limited credit histories.

Empirica account management

Empirica enables greater insight into your customer base enabling more profitable relationships through targeted management actions. Additionally, you can streamline operational efficiencies through effective resource allocation to provide improved customer satisfaction.

Product Highlights
  • Predict the likelihood of a debtor becoming delinquent

  • Optimise your risk assessment through all phases of the credit lifecycle

  • Gain a more accurate view of your debtors

  • Reduce bad debt and increase profitability

  • Identify opportunities for growth in your customer base

  • Integrate and adopt into your credit assessment environment—with ease

  • Enable operational efficiencies and improved decisioning processes

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