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Access the most predictive Empirica score to date - with a focus on addressing lenders’ diverse and demanding scoring needs today

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Driving greater predictive power to help you harness macroeconomic changes.

The Empirica scores leverage sophisticated modelling techniques, extensive data exploration, and the most predictive variables to bring you a next generation score that is compliant with South African consumer credit regulation. By statistically analysing constantly evolving consumer behaviour and associated risk patterns, we enable lenders to improve risk management decisions across the credit lifecycle.

The Empirica score, which is designed to predict future credit performance for lenders across a broad variety of industries, consists of two score systems: one for Account Origination (AO) decisions and one for Account Management (AM) decisions.

Empirica is easily integrated into your credit decisioning environment and allows you to streamline operational processes and optimise efficiencies.

Empirica provides the strongest possible risk assessment for today’s consumer credit behaviour.

Empirica account origination

Empirica provides you with an objective risk assessment during the account origination process, helping you increase new account bookings at the same or lower risk, refine risk-based pricing opportunities and better assess consumers with limited credit histories.

Empirica account management

Empirica enables greater insight into your customer base enabling you to assign more targeted customer management actions. Additionally, you can streamline operational efficiencies through effective resource allocation to provide improved customer satisfaction.

Empirica has more to offer
  • Optimise your risk assessment through all phases of the credit lifecycle

  • Increase new account bookings at same/lower risk thanks to wider, more granular score distributions

  • Better assess consumers with limited credit histories

  • Better assess consumers for short term loan applications

  • Respond better to changes in applicant populations and the economic environment

  • Integrate and adopt into your credit assessment environment—with ease

  • Enable operational efficiencies and improved decisioning processes

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