Effectively streamline your quoting and claims processes with quality vehicle and driver’s license information

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Accurately predict and manage underwriting and claims risk

As an insurer who partners with the South African Insurance Association (SAIA), you can swiftly and more efficiently verify driver’s license and vehicle information, enabling prudent risk placing and the improvement of claims processes. Access to this information speeds up customer onboarding by reducing quoting and underwriting time which in turn enhances the customer experience.

eNatis at Underwriting

Use the right information to sensibly place risk and improve your business’s risk management processes by optimising the correct premium offer. Having access to this wealth of information empowers insurance companies to drive key strategic decisions in a more efficient and automated way.

eNatis at Renewal

Be aware of any changes in your customer’s risk profile and adequately improve risk management practices. Make more informed decisions by applying the correct renewal premiums based on the change in risk.

eNatis at Claims

Manage claims processes through correct and accurate information and effectively mitigate the risk of potentially fraudulent claims.

Product Highlights
  • Verify vehicle and driver’s license information at underwriting

  • Successfully identify the risk associated with policies

  • Correctly calculate a vehicle’s value and set appropriate premiums at renewal by confirming its current status

  • Reduce risk by verifying a driver’s license, vehicle or ownership information prior to settling a claim

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