Forensic Enquiry

Effectively prioritise your collections queue for more streamlined processes and increased recoveries

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Thoroughly investigate individuals in seconds with a snapshot of their profile

The TransUnion Forensic Enquiry is a specialised data report created to aid the fraud investigation process. Built using multiple datasets, this solution delivers a comprehensive profile of an individual being investigated perhaps by internal auditors, private investigators, SAPS or forensic investigators.

This information gives you a quick view of an individual’s profile, helping you make better-informed decisions and, as a result, reduce risk. Whether you’re looking to predict risk more accurately, streamline your processes, or expand your organisation, better decisions begin with access to correct and relevant information.

Fraud investigations, streamlined processes and better cost management

Reduce time spent on investigations

A comprehensive investigation of an individual can now be achieved in seconds with the TransUnion Forensic Enquiry. With this solution, you can rely on superior and indicative information, so you can reduce your investigation time, streamline your processes, and manage your costs and resources more effectively.

Easy access to a comprehensive information set

This comprehensive report is a summary of key information pertaining to an individual – it provides a useful overview of an individual’s profile. Data sources include ID verification, contact information, insurance claims history, deeds information, links to business and much more.

Product Highlights
  • A holistic view with access to comprehensive information, i.e. property, contact, address, insurance claims information.

  • Easily available and accessible

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