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Lifestyle Assessment

Combatting fraud and corruption through big-data analytics

Harness big-data analytics to tackle fraud head-on

Blending our data universe and advanced analytics with your current

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Existing employees (Know your Staff)

The entire organisation or high-risk business areas can go through a Lifestyle Assessment that segments and highlights individual issues such as inconsistencies in earnings and assets.

Procurement (Know your Supplier):

Proactively identify any potential collusion and conflicts of interest between employees and suppliers. The conflict of interest can also be split into direct, indirect and potential linkages between employees and suppliers.

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South Africa has the highest rate of economic crime worldwide*.
Lifestyle Assessment offers proactive protection to address this growing challenge.

of organisations
in South Africa

have experienced economic crime - an 8% increase since 2016. 28% higher than the global average of 49%.

of organisations
in South Africa

spent up to 10x as much on investogations as on the original amount lost to economic crime.

*Global Economic Crime and Fraud Survey 2018, PwC

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