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Quick Vet 4 Business

Grow your business while managing your risk more effectively through automation and standardisation

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Achieve fast, consistent and uniform commercial credit decisions

QV4B is an online, automated commercial credit vetting solution. Integrated with TransUnion’s commercial data assets, it enables organisations to establish a standardised set of credit policy rules that can be applied to each and every credit application

QV4B automates manual credit granting processes and promotes efficiency when onboarding to deliver an improved customer experience. Through access to the CreditVision for business (CV4B) score, built using Transunion’s trended and alternative data sources, QV4B gives you a holistic view of a commercial client’s default risk. A one-time tuning aligns the solution’s policy filters to your own internal rules, calibrates the score cutoffs to your risk appetite and combines these to provide you with a sought after recommendation.

CreditVision for Business Score

This decisioning solution analyses a prospective business customer and its principals, and assign a score to each. These scores represent the risk associated with the commercial customer and can be used as a quick reference and objective rating for each. These scores are combined in a dual matrix to give credit grantors the most accurate view.

Policy Rules and Parameters

The solution consists of 13 predefined policy rules identified as highly important in the commercial credit space. These policy rules can be used as system filters or parameters which automatically categorise applications based on an organisation’s risk appetite.


The solution outputs a data-driven recommendation based on the risk associated with the application. These recommendations are generated based on the rules, policies and CV4B risk rating relevant to new applications.

No integration required

QV4B requires no integration within your IT environment. It’s fully hosted, “plug and play”, and allows a speedy set-up process .This web-based solution is run in a secure environment requiring the user to have access only to a recent web browser. It’s mobile enabled allowing easy access when you need it.

Product highlights
  • Automatically identify profitable and lower-risk customers

  • Automate the majority of credit decisions and standardise them across all applications

  • Rely on data-driven, recommendations (accept, refer, decline)

  • Grant credit to your customers in seconds!

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