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Dispute your credit information or update personal information on your credit report

Our goal is to maintain accurate information on your TransUnion credit report. By law, TransUnion is obligated to verify the accuracy of the information on a credit report that you dispute. If you do not recognize information on your credit report, or believe an item may be inaccurate, you may request an investigation. Only inaccurate information may be removed; negative information that is accurate will stay on your credit report as long as the governing laws allow. Changes on your credit report that occur as the result of an investigation will be made on both your consumer disclosure and your credit report. TransUnion provides this service to you free of charge, in accordance with applicable legislation.


The challenged information will be logged as disputed for 20 business days whilst the information is investigated.

If you apply for credit during this time, credit/service providers will see that there is a challenge on your TransUnion Credit Report, but will not be able to view the challenged information during the investigation period.

TransUnion contacts the data provider that reported the information and asks the credit/service provider to provide credible evidence to support the information in question.

TransUnion will notify you of the outcome of the challenged information once the investigation is completed. If any changes occurred on your credit report, you will receive an updated credit report