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Protect your TrueIdentity

MONITOR, RESTORE & RECOVER your identity with these powerful features today!

Your identity and good name is valuable

TrueIdentity Offering

Identity thieves can use stolen personal information such as your ID number to fraudulently get credit in your name. When the credit is not paid, your credit profile is negatively affected. Resolving identity theft incidents can take months and could result in all kinds of unplanned expenses.

TrueIdentity is a unique solution with powerful features focused on monitoring, managing and mitigating identity theft. TrueIdentity gives you information and tools to detect identity-related threats — and if needs be, a way to get help to recover from them.

ID Monitor

Receive email or SMS alerts when your personal information is detected on the dark web. Learn more.

ID Restore

The TransUnion team will help log a dispute for all fraudulent accounts and provide contact details for SAFPS. Learn more.

ID Recover

Gain the benefits of insurance to help finance recovery from identity theft. Learn more.

Credit Report PLUS Alerts and Score

Ensure unlimited access to your full credit report and credit score and receive alerts about critical changes such an inquiry or positive or negative updates on your credit profile. Leverage our value-added Debt Analysis and Score Reasons tools for deeper credit status insights. Learn more.


Track changes to your TransUnion credit profile with credit alerts

Monitor the dark web for breaches of your personal details

Access assistance to recover and restore your identity and related credit profile

Gain financial support when dealing with the consequences of identity theft

Leverage value added tools for full access to your credit report and credit score