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Gain Consumer Confidence With Personal Credit Control

Why credit monitoring works

Respond to unexpected or unauthorised changes that may impact your credit score.

Too often, victims of online financial fraud resulting from identity theft have no idea they’ve been attacked until the consequences hit. They can be in the form of bills for purchases you never made, accounts opened in your name with funds moved out, or affordable credit applications unaccountably denied.

And these days, fraudsters don’t even need to swipe your wallet or purse to access your personal details. They can target you using information on the dark web or even via public domains like social media sites.

Then, with your information in hand, they have many ways to get deeper into your life — and financial affairs — with potentially devastating results.

But by monitoring any changes or inquiries made to your credit profile, you can combat cybercriminals by quickly freezing your cards or accounts and preventing further malicious activity.

TransUnion's credit monitoring service will send you alerts when anything in your report changes — such as inquiries, payment profiles and any adverse information.