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Know the credit status of your business
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Get your Business
Credit Report now

Get your Business Credit Report now

With TransUnion’s Business Credit Report, you’ll see your business’s credit profile at all times.

According to TransUnion’s latest SMME study, around half of all small businesses aren’t sure they’ll be able to pay their bills or survive. Facing an uncertain future, many have had to adapt operations or apply for finance to meet payment obligations and secure further growth.

With TransUnion Business Credit Report, you get a full view of your business’s credit profile to help you better manage your status and finances, and if need be, get crucial assistance.

When you request your Business Credit Report, we provide the report to a mandated company official. Please be sure to register for the report in your personal capacity.

Our Business Credit report gives SMMEs:

  • A clear view of a business for lenders
  • Full representation of your business in document form
  • Evidence of a business’s financial maturity, when presented with other financial documents
  • Verification of bureau information as valid and true, with mandated signatory information
  • The ability to prevent fraudulent activity, e.g., bank account detail changes that could result in settlement into incorrect accounts


Product Highlights:
  • Registration details of the company, including civil court records and default information

  • Company banking details

  • Default data relating to non-payment of accounts

  • Property and bond information

  • Enquiry history on the company over the past three years

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