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As a Consumer, You Have Power

Stay in control of your credit

Help stop fraudsters from stealing your identity, draining your money and destroying your credit status.

If you’ve ever surfed a website, or received an SMS, a WhatsApp or phone call from a stranger asking for personal information, you could already be in the sights of cybercriminals.

Credit Monitoring

Credit monitoring alerts you to any suspicious activities on your credit profile so you can quickly respond and reduce the financial and reputational damage of a potential breach.

TransUnion is giving 12 months of credit alert monitoring — free!

Want More Protection?

TransUnion also offers a fully integrated suite of easy-to- use but sophisticated personal identity security solutions with TrueIdentity®. TrueIdentity® helps you monitor any credit activity in your name, manage your credit rating and mitigate the impacts of online fraud for just R49 a month.

Get More Protection Now


Track changes to your TransUnion credit profile with credit alerts

Protect against the financial costs of a potential breach.