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How much of your information is on the dark web?

Be on the alert for any identity theft threats.

TransUnion’s dark web monitoring scans the web for signs that your identity information may have been compromised.

When you activate ID Monitor with TrueIdentity, your information is securely registered for daily scans of the web. Scanning is done not only on the familiar parts of the web but also in those parts not indexed by major search engines, and across the dark web (parts only accessible through anonymous browser networks).

The scanning is done against personal details such as names, addresses, contact numbers, email addresses and medical aid details. Should a hit be encountered in the scanning process, an alert is sent to you via email or sms. By logging into the web portal, the details of your alert can be viewed and better understood.

TrueIdentity ID Monitor is exclusive to TransUnion.



Scan the web for breaches of your personal details

Scanning is done on the index web as well across the deep and dark web

Receive alerts via email or SMS should breaches be found