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Covered for identity theft?

Get help to recover from the consequences of identity theft.

TrueIdentity ID Recover offers a benefit - at no cost to you - to help you recover from the consequences of identity theft.

TrueIdentity ID Recover is exclusive to TransUnion

Please note:

Limitations and exclusions apply including claiming category limitations.  The cover and limitations provided by the policy are the same for both annual and monthly subscribers. If you choose not to accept the insurance benefits at the time of loss, you will not be covered, even if you are a TrueIdentity subscriber.

An insurance claim request will only be considered valid if you accept the benefits of the cover at the time of loss. You may only claim under the Identity Theft Insurance Policy for an Identity Theft Event, first discovered by you during the period in which the ID Recover Service was active. Please ensure you review the Service Terms and Conditions, as well as the Summary of Benefits for more detail, during the product activation process.

Terms & Conditions apply


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