Did someone steal your ID?

Turn to our forensic investigators for help to restore your identity.

TrueIdentity’s restitution and recovery service aims to help you to restore your identity.

When it comes to helping you through your case of identity theft we work in partnership with leading forensic investigators from Identity Guard. Throughout the investigation you will be kept up to date with the developments.

Once the investigation is complete and your case is concluded, you will receive a case summary report and resolution letters, from the affected credit providers only if your case is confirmed as identity theft.

TrueIdentity ID Restore is exclusive to TransUnion.

You will only have recourse to the ID Restore Service for an Identity Theft Event, first discovered by you during the period in which the ID Restore Service was active. Please ensure you review the Service Terms and Conditions for more detail, during the product activation process.

Product Highlights
  • Provide identity recovery support if you have suffered identity theft

  • Be directly accessible to you via telephone and email

  • Assign an experienced investigator to your case

  • Reduce the time and administration burden on you

  • Arrange for the issuing of credit account resolution letters

  • Liaise with the South African Police Service (SAPS) where applicable

  • Issue a case summary upon completion of the investigation