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My Car FAQs

Car Value Report

What is a Car Value Report?

A Car Value Report is an estimate of the Trade and Retail value of a car.

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Why would I purchase a Car Value Report?

A Car Value Report allows you to generate an estimated value range on the Trade and Retail value of a car. The Report gives you an indication of the current value that you could get for the car in the market should you decide to sell it or the value you should pay if you decide to buy a car.

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Who do I talk to if I need help accessing the report?

TransUnion backs up our enquiry service with a Contact Centre of experienced staff to assist with consumer queries and explanations of the information we provide. The Contact Centre is operational between 08:00 and 17:00 Monday to Friday and 08:00-13:00 on Saturday. The contact number is 0861 482 482.

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Why must I pay for the Car Value Report?

TransUnion obtains raw information from hundreds of dealers throughout South Africa every month. The data is then consolidated, analysed and verified by statisticians and industry specialists before being supplied to the public. The R25 is paying for the lengthy, sophisticated process involved in getting to the point where you, as a consumer, can receive a report that is accurate, reliable and trustworthy, a report on which many will base their decision whether or not to buy, or sell, what could be their second most valuable asset after their home.

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Why am I not able to get a value of a particular vehicle?

TransUnion supplies values on cars that have high volume sales in a year. I.e. Volkswagen Polo sells approximately 1500 units a year as new cars. In year two the Volkswagen Polo will have trade and retail values available due to the fact that there is a high probability that a large portion of those cars will return to the dealer market as used cars. If a car, such as a Mercedes Benz C65 AMG only sells about 10 units per year, the chances of those cars returning to the used market are slim. To determine an accurate trade and retail on 4 cars (for example) is very complicated and could “skew” the values.

TransUnion provides values in the following instances - If the car has been in the market for longer than 12 months from its introduction date; if sufficient volumes of that particular car have been sold and we have enough information from the industry to generate a Trade and Retail Value and if the car is not older than 25 Years.

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Why is the car value provided as a range?

Values are provided as a range as regional popularity, supply and demand and conditions of use and operation could have a varying effect on the value of the car. These variations influence the value if you had to trade the car in at a dealership or had to sell it to a private individual.

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Why is my insurance company offering me a different value?

Insurance companies take into account the actual condition of the car at the time of the accident/incident, and adjust the valuation accordingly. The values displayed on should be used as a guide and are not replacement prices or insurance settlements and therefore must not be used for any other valuation purposes whatsoever.

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