Money Lenders

Enhance acquisitions, manage portfolio risk and build mutual trust by raising service standards.

TransUnion Membership

To become a carefully selected member of the TransUnion Money Lenders Membership Programme, lenders must comply with a strict approval process and regular monitoring. With ready access to TransUnion’s credit rating, lenders can use rich data insights to assess consumers’ repayment capabilities, manage portfolio risk and enhance acquisitions, enabling them to deliver tailor-made product offerings to clients.

To ensure our money lender members can be easily identified by consumers, we provide window stickers and tent cards for them to display.


Membership Benefits

You’ll gain immediate access to our powerful credit data which you can leverage to help manage risk, grow acquisitions and enhance trust.

Our Members

Hear our members describe how they and the industry have been empowered by the TransUnion Money Lenders Programme

Better manage risk and develop business strategies

Create a hassle-free experience in loan application

Understand customers’ needs better to put customers first

Training Programme

To stand out in the competitive landscape, it’s essential to keep pace with market trends and be well-equipped with effective strategies to acquire and retain customers.

TransUnion Money Lenders Programme organises periodic trainings and webinars hosted by our experts and guest speakers from renowned brands in the industry. The insights shared will be applicable to your business — no matter its size or scale.

As our member, you’ll receive exclusive, early invitations to our trainings and webinars. Participants will receive a certificate after the completion of our training to stay competitive. Stay tuned for upcoming sessions!