Be more effective in marketing, lending, underwriting and collections with enriched data, analytics and algorithms

Be more precise in your key value chain decisions with next generation risk analytics from TransUnion

CreditVision® is a powerful suite of solutions that takes risk analytics to the next level. As your customers change, so should your view of their risk. TransUnion’s CreditVision solutions provide a broader and deeper view into a consumer’s profile than ever before, incorporating the latest in bureau and alternative data elements, a longer timeframe of account history data, and several hundred premium algorithms that significantly enhance traditional risk scores and marketing models. Used across your value chain, CreditVision can provide the scores and insights you need to optimise marketing models, improve consumer acquisition risk segmentation, better manage existing customer risk and opportunity, and enhance recovery and collections.

Product Applications

CreditVision gives you superior intelligence and analytics to improve your risk decisioning

CreditVision Marketing Solutions

Improve your ability to target the right customers for your business by incorporating CreditVision based variables, algorithms and scores into your marketing campaigns. Enhance pre-screening by better understanding customer behaviour and balance/risk shifts over time. Gain visibility into off-portfolio behaviours and balance builds and the potential impact on your business. Target off-us revolver versus transactor behaviours for more effective and responsible marketing campaigns. And increase response rates and boost acceptance and booking rates with smart CreditVision solutions from TransUnion.

CreditVision Risk Management Solutions

Significantly enhance your ability to assess risk through a broader and deeper understanding of consumer spending and payment patterns using a longitudinal view of both traditional and alternative data assets. Book more, and more profitable accounts by optimising your segment risk-based pricing strategies online and in batch. Identify consumer credit cycles sooner and with more precision, noting the risks associated with different consumer behaviours (e.g., revolving vs. transacting) and promoting appropriate offers to new and existing customers with enhanced pricing sophistication. See behavioural patterns over time and not just point-in-time views, using CreditVision to drive profitable growth for your organisation.

CreditVision Collections Solutions

Prioritise collections resources more effectively to optimise recoveries from consumers in a delinquent state.  Utilise CreditVision trended data to enhance collections models, leveraging insights into consumers’ ability to pay and spending behaviours.


Expand your marketing universe by growing in targeted geographies/segments

Evaluate traditionally unscoreable or thin file consumers

Confidently reach more consumers using alternative data

Improve marketing response and increase campaign performance/ROI

Book more accounts whilst mitigating risk and controlling costs

Segment emerging populations for better offer determination

Improve decisioning across score bands with more granularity and accuracy

Strengthen existing customer relationships through more proactive portfolio management insights

Improve pre-collections effectiveness and lower collections costs

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