D&B Datavision

Organise and combine your data in line with global company data to enhance your marketing efforts. Leveraging more than 200 million business records from 30,000 sources in 190 countries and updated 5 million times a day, D&B Datavision helps you profile, visualise and segment data to identify the right targets for growth.

Find Your Best Customers and Markets

Coordinated data has the power to connect you with segmented B2B markets and your individual customers within.
D&B Datavision provides an aligned, holistic view of all your accounts and markets, enabling you to develop appropriate strategies that target your ideal prospects. This cloud-based global solution also offers real-time business identity by matching your accounts to the Dun & Bradstreet DUNS number — the proprietary business identifier used by 90% of Fortune 500 companies.

Access Integrated Actionable Insights

D&B Datavision seamlessly integrates with D&B Hoovers, as well as your CRM and leads management systems, providing sales and marketing with a consistent source of current, complete and actionable data that helps increase internal alignment, improve sales productivity and boost marketing ROI. D&B Datavision offers connectors for D&B Hoovers, Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle Eloqua and Adobe Marketo.

Access Integrated Actionable Insights

Find your best markets and customers

Identify new market expansion opportunities, renewals, cross-sell and upsell targets by combining your internal customer attributes with the D&B Datavision universe of companies and contacts.

Globally expand your sales ecosystem

Leverage 200M+ business records from 30,000 sources in 190 countries, updated 5 million times a day — helping marketers profile, visualise and segment data to identify the right targets for growth.

Uncover leads within your customer base

Build a pipeline of similar prospects based on 200M+ business records and more than 600 firmographic attributes.

Focus marketing based on buying signals

Segment your target audiences by website visits, those showing intent to purchase, or reachable through targeted advertising.

How D&B Datavision Works

With quality data and intelligence at your fingertips, D&B Datavision helps provide the structure and analytics required to drive successful go-to-market initiatives with confidence and align your sales and marketing to achieve success.

1. Upload & Match Data: Dun & Bradstreet centralises your data from CRM and marketing platforms.

2. Review Coverage: Your data is hosted and matched against Dun & Bradstreet data in real time

3. Profile & Segment: Identify growth opportunities both in your customer base and new markets

4. Fill the Gaps: Fill company and contact gaps with look-a-likes from the Dun & Bradstreet Data Cloud

5. Access and Utilise: Export data to D&B Hoovers, CRM and marketing platforms for campaign execution

How D&B Datavision Works 5 Steps

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