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Consumer Profile and Credit Report

Be more effective at managing your business risk with reliable and relevant information at your fingertips

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Effectively manage risk exposure with insights into customers’ credit information and behaviour

TransUnion’s Consumer Profile/Credit Report gives you a broader and deeper view of a consumer, helping you target the right customers and prospects. It enables you to make better lending decisions and more effectively manage your portfolio’s risk. Powered by enriched data, credit and financial performance trends and behaviours, this solution provides the insights you need across the consumer credit lifecycle. It gives you a comprehensive view of a consumer’s financial performance, so you can make effective and responsible marketing, risk and collections decisions.

Consumer Profile at Acquisition

Deliver the right offer to the right person through the right channel. Identify, segment and connect with the right audiences—those most likely to respond and qualify for your products—significantly reducing campaign costs and the cost to acquire new customers.

Consumer Profile for Account Management

Accessing additional dimensions of consumer behaviour over time allows for more informed and confident customer marketing, line management decisions and more accurate treatment strategies.

Consumer Profile for Recovery

Identify which consumers likely can’t or won’t be able to pay, and those that will potentially yield the highest recoveries.

Product Highlights
  • Identify new consumers that align with your risk strategies

  • Reduce your risk exposure while increasing profitability

  • Access indispensable and relevant reports backed by industry-leading information and analytics

  • Make informed decisions with a holistic view of the customer

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