Public Sector

Verify information, mitigate risk and ensure the equitable and fair distribution of services

Implement risk assessment solutions designed to enable efficient public service delivery

No matter what government department you’re part of – TransUnion’s suite of solutions provides the public sector with an unmatched combination of credit and non-credit data to help ensure a boost in service delivery and the fair distribution of services for the audience they serve. Our comprehensive and dynamic sets of data, coupled with our expertise in analytics, help government departments to effectively classify consumers based on income, detect and prevent fraud and improve collections efforts.

Our extensive experience has given us a deep understanding of the challenges faced within the public sector, which allows us to deliver solutions that effectively address them. We help government departments solve for the following challenges:

  • Affordability – classify and categorise risk based on indigence, collections and income
  • Verification – verify consumer-provided information and source information if none is provided
  • Qualifications verification – verify matric, tertiary, national and international qualifications
  • Supply chain management – verify commercial and principal information and identify conflict of interest situations
  • Criminal status information – check for a criminal record or history on employees and vendors
  • Scoring – utilise advanced scoring models to better manage risk when acquiring new customers or managing existing accounts
  • Collections – profile and segment the debtor’s book to improve effectiveness when recovering debts
  • Data cleansing – clean up contact details and confidently verify a consumers’ IDs

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