Access greater customer insights, make smarter risk decisions and improve effectiveness across the credit lifecycle

Confidently set and optimise customer acquisition, account management and recovery strategies

With majority market share and long-standing customer relationships, TransUnion has positioned itself as an invaluable partner who leverages its access to data and analytical expertise to develop credit and risk management solutions critical to the success of retailers. The solutions we develop help retailers engage securely by optimising organisational risk appetite and policies in new or current markets. That way you can manage credit risk through a multi-channel application process, grow portfolios, successfully combat fraud and efficiently recover bad debt.

TransUnion strategically partners with its customers to ensure an end-to-end solution approach which helps customers address their most critical business issues and needs across the credit lifecycle. In addition, we leverage our strong global presence and best practices to drive innovation and build universal solutions which cater to an ever-evolving industry.

Over the last few years, we’ve changed the way we do things to service our customer’s needs in a more accurate, faster way than ever before, and we’ve done this by significantly investing in technology and our people. This allows us to deliver customized or standard solutions to our customers in industry-leading times.

Why TransUnion