Account and Portfolio Management

Be more profitable and reduce risk with advanced insight into your existing customers’ financial behaviour

Take the right action at the right time with improved risk monitoring

To retain and grow your existing base in an environment where competitors are constantly pursuing your customers, you need to act faster than ever before. Without customer insight, it’s difficult to develop and maintain relationships, which is essential for proactive management. Utilising data that delivers actionable insight, organisations can empower themselves to improve relationships and management practices. To do this, you need to arm your business with quality data and advanced monitoring tools that allow you to proactively make credit and risk-based decisions. This enables you to improve cross and upsell initiatives, know when to increase collection efforts and enhance your overall portfolio management strategies.

Partnering with TransUnion to develop a deep and dynamic understanding of customers can help organisations pre-empt delinquency on accounts, reactivate inactive accounts, and standardise policies for enhanced automation and efficiency, as well as improve decisioning and workflows.

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