Make better-informed decisions with access to powerful analytics and deeper customer insights

Solutions and products that offer deeper insights, provide greater certainty and help you make smarter decisions.

Whether you’re a credit provider starting out in the lending industry, a newcomer to the insurance market or a small business taking its first steps on your growth journey, the challenges and competition you face as a startup are fierce. Around 70% of startups fail in early infancy due to a range of challenges, including a lack of access to resources that support growth and commercialisation.

We understand how unique the startup business model is and how difficult it can be to develop the right tools to support it. We also know how powerful the right data-driven insights can be in the hands of innovative and agile entrepreneurs.

Taking into account the resource and financial challenges specific to startups, we’ve created our Startup in a Box solution: a collection of select datapoints and tools from our range of offerings, strategically combined to help startups identify and verify customers, protect your business against fraud, and make smart decisions backed by precise data. What’s more, we offer these at significantly discounted rates with special commercial terms exclusive to startup businesses.

The growth of entrepreneurship in Africa is critical to its social and economic survival and local entrepreneurs play a key role in driving employment and developing innovative business solutions that address domestifc demands. We believe in the potential of South Africa's startup community and want to help you grow and transition into small and medium-sized enterprises. Our ultimate goal is helping you achieve yours.

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