Data Breach Services

Businesses and customers can work together to help reduce the risks of a breach occurring, and remedy harmful ramifications if one does.

In the event of a breach, time is of the essence

Be ready for a potential breach and manage the impacts if an incident occurs

To be POPIA compliant, you must proactively handle risks around data collection, processing and storage. And with evolving cyber threats affecting South African consumers in every demographic, you need an effective response strategy that can mitigate reputational damage, equip customers with tools to combat identity theft, and rebuild trust.

Manage the consumer experience from the moment a security incident is identified by:

  • Offering content and reporting: Provide answers to consumer queries and concerns during a breach, and track take-up and usage of the service.
  • Being an ally: Implement an online dispute service for erroneous or fraudulent records on credit reports.
  • Staying proactive: Distribute communications and notify potentially affected customers.
  • Providing support: Strengthen your communications plan with access to the dispute status section of the TrueIdentity platform.
  • Keeping in touch: Support consumers with up-to-date information, such as credit monitoring and identity remediation information.

A key to safeguarding personal identity

While the cost of a data breach was around R31 million in 2020, the financial implications don’t fully account for reputational damage and customer churn. By taking a proactive approach to data breaches, organisations can better protect consumers whilst mitigating financial losses. TransUnion TrueIdentity platform gives consumers access to their credit information and has specific features to help safeguard identities in light of a potential data breach.

TrueIdentity includes:

  • Access to the TransUnion credit report (updated daily) to gain insights on credit-related identity theft or fraud
  • TransUnion credit monitoring alerts — with email notifications of changes on a consumer’s credit file
  • Educational resources focused on credit management, fraud victim support and identity theft prevention
  • Dark web monitoring of surface, social, deep and dark websites for potentially exposed personal, identity and financial information


Credit Monitoring

Protect against identity theft by enabling quick action against fraud while offering peace of mind to potentially impacted consumers.

Identity Remediation and Education

Consumers can access credit education, and fraud prevention and identity resolution information, including steps to take if they think they’ve fallen victim.

TransUnion Data Breach Solution Asset Sheet