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Startup in a Box

Specialised solutions to help drive profits and minimise risk across the startup customer lifecycle

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Confidently onboard and manage consumer and commercial risk for healthier bottom lines

The challenges new businesses face today are increasing in intensity and complexity. According to recent research, over 70% of small businesses fail within the first two years of operation. Without the necessary support in place, this figure is set to remain a daunting hurdle to overcome. In-depth discussions with startups have revealed a need for tools to capitalise on market opportunities, enhance onboarding processes, manage risk across the customer lifecycle and proactively protect an enterprise against fraud.

TransUnion’s Startup in a Box features a range of consumer and commercial solutions that help businesses with customer acquisition, account management and fraud prevention. Our Startup in a Box solution’s core offering includes:

  • Consumer Profile: An immediate view of an individual’s historic credit obligations, helping you target the right customers and prospects.
  • IDVision: A powerful suite of fraud and identity solutions for faster, more consistent ID verification and fraud prevention across the customer lifecycle.
  • Fraud Prevention Model: A refined rule set predictive of application fraud, based on patterns of information and key fraud trend analysis created to mitigate risk while improving customer experiences.
  • Quick Vet 4 Business: An industry-first commercial solution to help manage risk better through automation and standardisation.

We know startups are as varied and unique as the customers they serve. Our Startup in a Box solution comes in three flavours, each specifically designed to meet the needs of growing and established startups with varying needs:

Toolkit 1

Even if a startup doesn’t offer credit-based products, knowing who customers are and having data-driven insights to minimise risk are still critical to the business. If you’re looking for a multi-layered solution that supports business growth, check out this toolkit and find out how we can help you unlock the power of data-driven risk management to verify customers’ identities, protect your bottom line and deliver good customer experiences.

Toolkit 2

Startups that offer credit-based products need advanced insights into consumer and commercial profiles if they want to make confident lending decisions. Without data-driven ID verification and fraud prevention in place, startups have a limited view of consumer and commercial customers and could end up extending credit to high-risk applicants or, even worse, fraudsters. This toolkit is specially designed to help startups access payment profile information to enhance their decision making and minimise risk, all while improving customer experience throughout the credit lifecycle.

Toolkit 3

Insurance startups need access to powerful data and deeper insights to make better decisions about the consumers they are insuring. Onboarding high risk customers without knowing it could lead to increased loss ratios and even fraudulent claims and financial damage further down the line. This toolkit augments our core consumer offerings with additional insurance claims and policy data to help startups make informed decisions around high-loss rations during onboarding and stop fraudsters in their tracks when processing claims.

A one-size-fits-all approach can’t help you streamline your operations and static data won’t enable you to make confident and profitable decisions. Our unique data assets, innovative technology and extensive industry experience can help you achieve optimal operation.

To qualify for the TransUnion Startup in a Box solution, you must meet the following criteria:

  • You are a new TransUnion client (you are not currently doing business with TransUnion)
  • You are registered entity with the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC)
  • You generate an annual revenue of less than R5 million
  • Your business and all involved parties are in good standing
  • You can produce your most recent management accounts when requested

If you are applying for Toolkit 2 or Toolkit 3, you must be compliant with National Credit Act data submission requirements.

TransUnion will reserve the right to conduct further investigation and request additional documentation related to the above requirements.

We see information differently — not just for what it is but for what it can help people accomplish. We believe in Information for GoodSM: helping organisations and consumers achieve great things. As part of this vision, TransUnion’s Startup in a Box solution is being offered to a limited selection of startup enterprises

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