Analytics and Consulting Services

Give your business a competitive edge with TransUnion’s analytical, modelling and consulting capabilities

Enhance risk predictability and improve portfolio health, profitability and efficiency

Being able to turn data into intelligence and gain valuable insight to inform decision-making is key to being competitive. At TransUnion, we help businesses stay ahead of the curve with solid analytics capabilities, “best in class” models and modelling techniques and value-adding consulting services.

Transunion can assist you in analysing a wide range of data on both consumer and business accounts and turning it into information you can use to make informed decisions. Data quality and intelligence is of utmost importance; therefore, we ensure that it’s integrated into our CreditVision® variables that include both credit and alternative data.

Our analytical, modelling and consulting services have proven valuable for customers across Africa and abroad, delivering a wide spectrum of offerings, including:

  • Identification of suitable target populations
  • Creation of acquisition, behavioural and attrition collections and other predictive scorecards
  • Strategy optimisation that spans across the credit lifecycle.

We help our customers make more profitable credit decisions by:

  • Building robust and fit-for-purpose models to refine risk assessment
  • Providing strategic insight to help them react proactively to shifting market dynamics
  • Creating opportunities through our value-adding consulting services

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