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Income Estimator

Develop effective engagement and acquisition strategies by understanding customers’ ability to take on credit

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Take advantage of cost savings across the credit lifecycle

To develop effective marketing and acquisition strategies you need a clear understanding of your customer’s ability to take on credit. Income Estimator provides you with an estimate of gross monthly income on your prospective or existing customers so you can be more confident in your marketing, risk and collections decisions, while reducing the costs associated with those processes. Income Estimator can help reduce rising costs across the credit lifecycle, helping you avoid wasted marketing costs and enabling cost-effective collection capabilities through improved prioritisation and resource allocation.

Using sophisticated predictive modelling and comprehensive bureau information, Income Estimator enables you to make smarter decisions and drive healthier bottom lines. It also provides you with deeper customer insights based on income and spending trends across the credit industry, changes in consumer behaviour, and shifts in affordability levels.

Benefit with Income Estimator across the lifecycle:

Customer Engagement:

  • Conduct affordability assessments cost-effectively
  • Define responsible marketing strategies by preventing marketing to consumers who cannot afford your offering

Application Processing:

  • Use Income Estimator as a second opinion on disclosed income
  • Expedite the application process for cost and time efficiencies

Account Management:

  • Update outdated income information quickly and cost-effectively
  • Manage credit limits proactively to increase revenues and reduce exposure
  • Prioritise collections activities based on available income


Reduce marketing costs by effectively targeting the right customer at the right time

Income estimator for acquisition

Income Estimator assists with pre-campaign segmentation and upfront affordability assessments on prospective customers, providing you with a more complete view of the consumer and allowing you to avoid wasting time and money on ineligible prospects. Income Estimator helps you streamline processes, reduce costs at the application stage, and better align product and price assignments.

Income estimator for management and recovery

With Income Estimator, you can manage credit limits and additional product offers through a proactive assessment of customers’ income and affordability levels. Additionally, you can reduce collection costs through effective resource allocation, collection prioritisation processes and channel assignment.

Product Highlights
  • Prescreen prospective customers for affordability purposes and avoid unnecessary marketing costs on ineligible prospects

  • Conduct effective, targeted marketing campaigns, providing the right offer to the right customer based on their income bands and affordability levels

  • Verify declared income

  • Update outdated income information of existing customers

  • Prioritise collections effectively through resource and channel allocation based on customers’ affordability levels

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