Tap Into Key Insights From the Global Credit Monitoring Study

Leverage the benefits of credit monitoring for your business and customers

Discover the transformative impact of credit monitoring on consumers' financial behaviours and credit health. Our extensive study delves into the motivations, characteristics and outcomes of credit monitoring among millions of consumers across diverse global markets, including Canada, Colombia, Hong Kong, India, Philippines and South Africa.

Key highlights include:

  • Younger consumer engagement: Understand why digitally-savvy, younger demographics have become increasingly proactive in monitoring their credit
  • Motivations unravelled: Explore the primary reasons driving consumers to monitor their credit, ranging from credit improvement to fraud protection
  • Credit behaviour insights: Gain a deeper understanding of how credit monitoring influences consumer behaviours, such as score improvements, debt management and credit product engagement
  • Strategic business implications: Learn how these insights can shape your strategies to better serve consumers, optimise credit offerings and enhance customer trust

Stay ahead of evolving consumer trends and preferences; tailor your lending products and services to meet the needs of diverse consumer segments; and use data-driven insights to help foster stronger relationships with your customers.

Download the report to unlock essential, strategic recommendations and actionable insights. 


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