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Business Monitoring Services

Monitor and track changes to a business and its principals in order to effectively manage associated risk

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Build and maintain sustainable business relations by proactively managing your customers

To keep up with constant changes in the business environment and avoid missed opportunities, it’s essential to continually monitor and update your database. TransUnion’s Business Monitoring Services notifies you of changes within your customers’ environments by tracking, updating and alerting you to important shifts in their profile, giving you the power to instantly react to potential opportunities or risks.

Business Monitoring Services is a proactive tool that helps customers assess and minimise the risk of extending credit to their debtors

Swiftly react to changes in your customers’ environments to better manage risk

By monitoring changes to both the business and its principals who represent and manage the business, we give customers the advantage of being the first to be informed of any changes to the profiles monitored. This enables customers to keep track of any possible threats to cash flow within their debtor’s book.

Business Monitoring Services can be applied in multiple stages of the credit lifecycle

Business Monitoring Services are available at acquisition when conducting a credit risk analysis, during account management, as well as in the collection phase of the risk management transactional cycle.

Product Highlights
  • Track negative and positive changes in a business

  • Monitor the activities of its principals*

  • Receive up-to-date information on their performance in the market

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