CreditVision Microfinance Scorecard

Empower more lending with deeper understanding

Build a more inclusive portfolio

Better gauge borrower viability for all loan durations, enhance risk predictability, minimise bad debts, increase loan approvals and curtail bad debts.

Enhance your lending strategies and tap into new customer segments

The microfinance sector thrives on empowering underserved communities, yet traditional risk assessments often fall short, leaving potential untapped.

The TransUnion CV Microfinance Scorecard, powered by CreditVision®, is specifically designed to enhance lenders' abilities to better identify and evaluate a wider array of borrowers more effectively, promoting sustainable growth and financial inclusion.

The TransUnion CV Microfinance solution also empowers microlenders to better manage risks with more profound insight into customer behaviours, while improved reliability in predictions helps you make more informed decisions, leading to higher approval rates and  confidently expanded portfolios.


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