DecisionEdge for Acquisition

Automate and streamline credit application processes and successfully, seamlessly onboard new, profitable customers

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Be more effective at acquiring the right customers and expanding business relationships

DecisionEdge® for Acquisition applies sophisticated analytics and rules-based models to a workflow system to help you deliver the right offer to the right person via the right channel. From capturing applications to recommended decisions, our decisioning platform automates the entire onboarding process for you in a flexible, optimised and efficient way.

DecisionEdge is a powerful, easy to integrate technology that works to improve decisioning within your business processes

Acquisition Manager

Accurately assess the creditworthiness of customers and effectively make the best, most consistent and informed credit decisions. This solution helps you approve the right customer through the right channel. TransUnion’s Acquisition Manager gives you the insights, tools and flexibility to optimise your acquisition strategies and deliver targeted, efficient and automated decisions.

Application Manager

Accurately assess the creditworthiness of companies or sole proprietors and make the best, most consistent credit decisions. Know when to offer a COD account or credit lines, or when to move your customer onto an account over time. With TransUnion’s Application Manager solution you get the insights, tools and flexibility to optimise your commercial credit strategy and deliver targeted, efficient and profitable decisions.


Offer your customers the ability to apply for credit remotely without having to visit a store. This solution offers SMS and USSD channels, allowing you to extend your geographical footprint beyond traditional methods. Discover how this solution can help you increase your acquisition volumes without infrastructure spend and achieve great success locally and internationally where distance and connectivity plays major roles in servicing your customer.

Product Highlights
  • Safely speed up and automate your credit application process

  • Increase profitability and reduce potential misrepresentation of disposable income

  • Save valuable time and reduce risk while complying with local legislation

  • Apply advanced analytics to gain insights and make informed decisions about your customer

  • Implement onboarding processes tailored for the customer, channel and business goals

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