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Indigent Verification Services

Maintain indigence records which helps to ensure the fair and equitable distribution of public services

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Verify consumer indigence and make confident and timely decisions

With years of experience in the development of scoring models and the vast amount of data we have access to, our analysts have developed the TransUnion Indigent Verification Service model – a rules-based model used to group consumers into a high or low likelihood of being indigent. The model outputs an indigent score that uses various sources of data to determine a person’s income and indigency status.

Swiftly validate consumer indigence and make better decisions with TransUnion’s Indigency Verification Services solution.

Ensure fair distribution of public resources such as healthcare

The indigent score uses various sources of data to determine a person’s income and indigency status. TransUnion’s Indigent Verification Services solution provides an accurate view of an individual’s indigence status and therefore helps state representatives ensure that services are fairly distributed.

Hassle free and seamless maintenance of indigent lists

Swiftly and automatically manage indigency lists by streamlining processes and accessing the analytical capability needed to better understand consumers.

Product Highlights
  • Quickly and accurately verify indigency

  • Ensure the fair distribution of public services, such as healthcare and electricity

  • Easily, seamlessly and automatically maintain indigent lists

  • Rely on a trusted source of information

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