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Insurance Data and Risk Information Solutions

Improve policy pricing and underwriting decisions, identify potential fraud and gain invaluable consumer insights

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Better customer insights lead to improved policy pricing, underwriting and fraud detection

TransUnion’s insurance offering gives you access to reliable and accurate data that enables sophisticated consumer and pricing segmentation practices, streamlined underwriting and operational efficiencies. Our innovative, credit and risk management solutions are built using unique data and advanced analytics to provide you with better information in a timely manner.

We help you identify and verify consumers, protect your business against insurance-based fraud and make the right offer at the right time. Armed with these innovative tools, your business can compete more effectively and grow by confidently improving inception and retention processes.

Effectively manage risk and deliver an improved experience for both the insurer and the insured

Insurance Data and Risk Information at Underwriting

Better understand the current and historic performances of the customer at hand, enabling you to make a more informed decision by using key characteristics in the information.

Insurance Data and Risk Information at Policy Management

Through our analytical tools and data, we provide retentions solutions on your customer base, enabling you to defend market share and keep growing.

Insurance Data and Risk Information at Claims

Manage claims processing by understanding past behaviour to avert any potential fraudulent claims thereby reducing business risk.

Product Highlights
  • Make smarter, less risky underwriting decisions

  • Gain a better understanding of an individual’s risk at claims stage

  • Improve portfolio profitability through our retentions solutions

  • Identify fraudulent patterns within your client base

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