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Improved customer insights help you target smarter, improve segmentation and effectively manage risk

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Business insight reports offer an interpreted analyses on businesses in our database

In a competitive market, profitability can be improved by proactively converting data into business insights. Whether you’re segmenting your market, targeting new businesses or managing and monitoring your current customer base, accurate and effective information on potential or current business customers can minimise your risk. This solution gives our customers access to effective business insights based on significant, relevant information.

Whether you’re planning to launch a new product or service, challenge existing methods or grow your business to the next level, TransUnion is the clear choice to help you achieve just that – from concept to strategy.

Partner with the most innovative business-to-business prospecting information provider

Commercial Marketing Solutions

Enhance cross-selling or restructuring of debt by approaching existing customers when risk profiles have shifted their affordability

Triggers provide an early warning

Need a prospect list by industry, region and company type, or based on the risk profile of a business? This report will assist you in making smarter marketing decisions and help you target customers suitable for your risk appetite before competitors can. Smarter marketing decisions means superior portfolio performance, which in turn equals business growth. Marketing lists can be segmented into industries to narrow down the exact business information you’re interested in.

Industry Analysis Reports

Industry Analysis reports can be run in our generic Industry Report format or they can be customised to your needs. These customised reports ensure that you only receive information necessary to make key business decisions. This gives you more insight into an industry and allows you to make smarter marketing decisions.

Industry Analysis reports also includes the insight gained from doing data mining analysis, as well as unstructured data. These reports provide an interpreted analysis of TransUnion’s comprehensive business database.

Product Highlights
  • Understand the risk in the market that you’re trading in

  • Confidently review and adjust your credit policy

  • Identify regions where risk is high

  • Benchmark your business compared to the market

  • Determine if you should be approving more deals

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