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Automation and Decisioning

Be more effective at acquiring customers and expanding business relationships through online decisioning

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Manage risk consistently when acquiring new and expanding existing business relationships

Online decisioning from TransUnion is a powerful, flexible suite of data, analytic and decisioning solutions that enable businesses to turn insights into smarter, more targeted and actionable decisions.

Benefit from a highly configurable suite of solutions that empowers businesses to deploy and optimise smart risk strategies for marketing, acquire new customers, expand existing relationships and recover outstanding credit. By applying advanced analytics and automation, your business will gain insights and make optimal decisions throughout the customer lifecycle.

Automation and decisioning improves business efficiencies and reduces risk throughout the customer lifecycle.

Automation and Decisioning in Acquisition

Confidently onboard good customers and reduce risk by creating consistency through the application of automated credit policies and advanced analytics.

Automation and Decisioning in Portfolio Management

Effectively manage and expand existing customer relations with actionable insight.

Automation and Decisioning in Collections

Create efficiencies and proactively prioritise recovery processes.

Product Highlights
  • Onboard new business customers with confidence

  • Consistently apply risk policies to all customers

  • Effectively monitor your existing base for changes in risk

  • Access an easy-to-use and simplistic online decisioning solution

  • Deploy an efficient and cost-effective solution

  • Adapt faster and improve speed-to-market

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