Local & International Investigative Business

Achieve a more complete view of your debtors, partners and suppliers, and significantly reduce business risk

Make local and international business decisions with confidence

Having a clear and accurate view of your international customers and suppliers is crucial. By accessing a single source of comprehensive and current information on businesses across the globe, you can know exactly who you are dealing with and make business-risk decisions with confidence. Whether you’re segmenting your market, targeting new business, selecting profitable customers or managing and monitoring your customer base, accurate and effective information is critical to success.

TransUnion provides you with the ability to access business information on more than 240 million businesses in 200 countries. This helps you reduce costs, as well as maximise your business relationships with customers and suppliers.


Use the world’s leading source of commercial information and insights to customise the information you need and select modules individually, or group them together to build your own reports.

Business Information

Includes the identification and registration details of a business, contact details, VAT and tax numbers, principal information and compliance indicator.

Finance and Operations

Details the operations of a business including products, import/export, number of staff, industry classification and any branches, divisions and affiliations. Financial information allows customers to view up to two full years of financial data for commercial businesses.

Assets Held

The ability to view properties, bonds and notarial bonds that are held by an individual or business, as well as the ability to search and view the property information, owners, bonds and history of a particular property.

Banking Information

Details the most recently verified bank account, as well as a history of bank codes received for customers. Customers can request updated bank codes to verify a bank account, and evaluate whether the subject appears able to pay the amount enquired upon.

Credit Information

Includes information imperative to determining the risk and potential exposure of a subject to credit. This includes past and current payment behaviour, enquiry history and adverse information.*

Principal Information

Includes information on a principal as confirmed by CIPC, along with relevant information including adverse information, previous enquiries and links to other businesses.*

*terms and conditions apply


Understand the risk in the market that you’re trading in

Confidently review and adjust your credit policy

Identify regions where risk is high

Benchmark your business compared to the market

Determine if you should be approving more deals

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