CreditVision® for Business

A more effective assessment of your debtors enables smarter risk decisions across the commercial credit lifecycle

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Grow your business while managing your risk more effectively

With continued economic pressures and rife competition within the trade credit industry, proactive and efficient risk management is vital to business success. Knowing how to connect with new business and manage your existing customer base enables you to build profitable and loyal customer relationships.

Manage your credit risk effectively with TransUnion’s enhanced scoring and analytics solution

CreditVision for Business in Acquisition

Grow your customer base confidently through improved segmentation and targeted campaigns using enhanced score and risk bands. Gain deeper insights into customer behaviour over time with powerful predictive algorithms, providing lenders with an improved ability to assess risk of future delinquency and failure.

Objective portfolio management is made possible through the ability to monitor score band shifts on existing debtors

Debtor Management and Recovery

CreditVision for Business enables improved debtor ranking and prioritisation, enabling the effective allocation of resources and optimised operational processes.

Product Highlights
  • Greater depth of data and longitudinal variables provides a deeper, more comprehensive view of the principal and company risk, enabling better business decisions and improved risk management

  • Better segmentation and targeted campaigns through improved score and risk bands

  • Proactive management of vendors through improved ability to assess delinquency and risk of failure

  • Provides an objective, consistent approach to risk assessment, decisioning and recoveries