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Consumer Aggregates

Gain granular insights into customer behaviour for better risk decisioning across the customer lifecycle

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Aggregated consumer credit information assists with better decisioning and enhanced risk mitigation

TransUnion offers a set of variables which provides aggregations at different levels of the consumer’s credit information to assist with quick decisioning. This avoids the need for lenders to work through high volumes of data during the credit process. Aggregates are easily integrated into any decisioning environment and can be delivered in an online channel, as well as through batch processing. Lenders can choose from a variety of aggregate categories, assisting with specific areas of the decision making process, such as negative variables and payment behaviour variables which can be included in risk assessments, or balances and instalment amounts which can be used in affordability assessments.

Get insight into a customer’s behaviour through an aggregated set of variables, assisting in risk management, affordability calculations and collections strategies.


Aggregates are easily integrated into any business process and can assist with improved segmentation and the customer acquisition processes. This offers better control of acquisition costs and an improved customer experience through efficient processing.

Customer Management and Recovery

Aggregates provide improved insight into customer behaviour, enabling lenders to manage risk more effectively, improve collections strategies and effectively allocate resources to ensure optimised processes across the customer lifecycle.

Product Highlights
  • Improved insight into customer behaviour

  • Enriched data incorporated into a set of aggregates enabling improved risk management

  • Specific variables dealing with financial information, such as balances and instalments assist with affordability assessments

  • Easily integrated into decisioning environment and available across online and batch platforms