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Fraud Prevention Model

Reduce the risk of application fraud.

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Fraud Prevention Model features

Here’s what you can do with Fraud Prevention Model.

Our Fraud Prevention Model can help you stay ahead of ever-evolving fraud tactics. With a refined rule set, powerful analytics pinpoint irregularities in consumer-supplied data and enable you to confidently identify and transact with authentic customers.

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Robust and adaptive

Our fraud model is proactively customised to align with evolving fraud trends — allowing you to adapt quickly, optimise resources and identify more fraud cases.

Automated fraud vetting

Screen and rate applications automatically into risk bands using various proprietary databases, such as handset data, mobile data and data from the shared fraud database.

Improved customer experience

Prioritise referrals and better manage customer relationships by providing a friction-right journey that eliminates manual screening time and errors.

Sophisticated rules engine

Each rule is assigned a specific score aligned to importance, ensuring an accurate final rating based on accumulated scores.

Customisable and consistent

Built with the expertise of professionals, our model is available on multiple channels and offers detailed rationales to support improved decisions.

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