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Fraud Prevention Model

Mitigate fraud losses and reduce risk associated with application fraud with our Fraud Prevention Model

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Safely acquire new customers and increase your profitability

Application fraud is increasing rapidly and can have a significant impact on your revenue and profit margins. At the same time, screening individuals has historically been a time-consuming, manual process that is prone to error. TransUnion Fraud Prevention Model alleviates this problem by providing a fast, consistent way to flag potentially fraudulent applications.

Fraud Prevention Model can help you stay ahead of ever-evolving fraud tactics

Customisable and adaptive

TransUnion’s analytics team regularly customises the fraud model based on evolving fraud trends. This allows you to adapt quickly, optimise resources and identify more fraud cases.

Automate and streamline the fraud vetting processes

The model allows you to automatically screen and rate applications using various proprietary databases, such as handset data, mobile data and data from the shared fraud database. The model categorises applications into risk bands and in addition to providing the risk rating, it includes detailed rules and explanations of the anomalies found within the application data.

Product Highlights
  • Significantly improve fraud detection rates

  • Reduce fraud losses and mitigate risk

  • Prioritise referrals and better manage customer relationships

  • Reduce time spent on application screening

  • Automate investigation and detection processes

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