Fraud Prevention Services

Improve fraud detection rates and mitigate fraud risks with TransUnion’s suite of Fraud Prevention Services

Be more effective at screening customers and identifying fraudulent applications and transactions

Fraud is a significant problem for local and international organisations and is growing exponentially. In addition to traditional fraud methods, the digital world—specifically faceless contact self-service centres and virtual platforms—represent a ripe feeding ground for fraudsters. To address this issue, companies need new solutions and multi-layered enterprise-wide fraud strategies. However, the question is, can it be done without impacting productivity, pace of business and most importantly, the consumer experience? The answer is yes. What is needed is a fraud solution that simultaneously caters to your unique requirements per product, channel, type of business and location.


Fraud Prevention Services can help you stay ahead of ever-evolving fraud tactics

Fraud Prevention Model

The Fraud Prevention Model categorises applications into risk bands, and in addition to providing the risk rating, it includes detailed rules and explanations of the anomalies found within the application data. TransUnion’s analytics team regularly customises the fraud model based on evolving fraud trends. This allows you to adapt quickly, optimise resources and identify more fraud cases.

Mobile Risk Indicator

Mobile Risk Indicator enables you to analyse and cross-reference mobile data obtained from multiple sources, then objectively make an informed referral decision at the time of application. This solution assists in highlighting any abnormal behaviour by customers, in relation to their current mobile phone usage and conduct.

Hawk ID Verification

HAWK ID Verification enables you to instantly and confidently verify an ID number, name and surname. HAWK Advantage is an add-on to the basic identity verification which includes address and telephone frequency, as well as inappropriate information relating to the specified ID number.

HAWK Fraud Alerts notify you when an ID or information pertaining to an ID have been listed for being associated with fraudulent activity, such as a stolen ID.

Forensic Enquiry

This specialised data report is created to aid the fraud investigation process. It’s built using multiple datasets to deliver a comprehensive profile of an individual being investigated, for example, by internal auditors, private investigators, SAPS or forensic investigators. Data sources include ID verification, contact information, insurance claims history, deeds information, links to businesses and much more.

DecisionEdge Identity Manager

This solution offers a strategy-based approach to fraud prevention and offers layers of protection to let the trustworthy customers in and keep the risky ones out. Built with a powerful, flexible suite of analytically-driven fraud prevention components, this solution enables businesses to react quickly to the ever-changing fraud landscape.

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