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Auto Analytics and Marketing Solutions

Offer targeted vehicle trading deals to the right audience for improved sales conversion rates

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Connect with the right customers by targeting your marketing efforts

Today, dealers face rife competition amid strong economic pressures. You’ll find that customers are holding onto their vehicles for longer and those who are looking to sell or purchase a vehicle are driving a hard bargain. Either way, onboarding new customers and managing your existing base is proving to be a difficult and time-consuming task. To make life a bit easier, we’ve partnered with TransUnion Analytics and Decisioning Services to bring you an Auto Analytics and Marketing Solution Suite that will enable you to drive up sales and keep moving your vehicle stock at a profitable rate. With access to meaningful and relevant information, you can increase the value of your existing customers and understand your most profitable markets, quantify opportunities, plan appropriately and execute rewarding marketing strategies quickly and effectively.

Partnering with Analytics and Decisioning Solutions to deliver flexible solutions that help you target smarter

Marketing Data

Our database contains all the variables (marketing data, contact, risk, demographics and more) that you need to explore, plan, select, execute and measure your direct marketing and communication strategies.

Marketing Analytics

With a proven analytical capability, proactive market reports, generic ready-built industry models, visualisation tools and more, you can deepen your understanding of your customers, market and industry – enabling fast decisioning for taking action.

Intelligent Marketing Process

See us as an extension of your business, a trusted partner that prepares data according to your campaign needs, and then outputs to your communication channels – having also focused on the steps in between (selection, sign-off, deduping, etc.) to deliver quality campaigns on time, all the time.

Campaign Execution

Utilising our network of communication channels and partners, we can coordinate campaigns and manage communication channels too – outbound calling, SMS, email, direct mail, etc.

Measurement, Reporting, Continuous Learning

Accurate end-to-end reporting, enabling your business to track, learn and react with precision.

Product Highlights
  • Access affordable and reliable data to inform your marketing strategies with ease

  • Receive up to three email addresses per individual, helping you ensure successful reach

  • Talk to customers via their preferred platform and include new marketing channels in your market efforts

  • Improve your existing credit and non-credit base

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