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Lifestyle Assessment

Identify fraud and corruption indicators, gain actionable insights and focus your resources

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Harness big-data analytics to tackle fraud head-on

TransUnion’s Lifestyle Assessment enables organisations to identify fraud and corruption indicators linked to employees and suppliers. Organisations can use this insight to direct resources in specific areas and focus their internal investigation process to identify and address fraud.

Coupling our big data universe and advanced analytics with organisational data, we provide actionable fraud and corruption insights that augment existing controls.

Fighting fraud where it matters most
TransUnion’s Lifestyle Assessment provides a deeper view into areas such as signs of financial distress for employees, conflict of interest, asset ownership including property and vehicles and identification of common bank accounts between suppliers and employees. This helps organisations to:

  • Reduce fraud losses.
  • Reduce cost to manage and investigate fraud.
  • Prevent reputational risk by reducing fraudulent activity in the business.
  • Continuously monitor and identify hotspots in the organisation.

  • Existing employees (Know your Staff):The entire organisation or high-risk business areas can go through a Lifestyle Assessment that segments and highlights individual issues such as inconsistencies in earnings and assets.
  • Procurement (Know your Supplier):Proactively identify any potential collusion and conflicts of interest between employees and suppliers. The conflict of interest can also be split into direct, indirect and potential linkages between employees and suppliers.
  • Recruitment (pre-screening new hires):During recruitment, potential new hires can be pre-screened to uncover any potential issues

Note that this solution is currently available in
South Africa only.

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